About us

The Need : Whenever I used to think of buying a new phone or electronic Gadget – I would always do an internet search and a price review from various websites. Then I would set off to on a ‘hunt’ of executing that purchase. ‘The hunt’ would end in lots of doubt and confusion as to whether this product is genuine or too pricey.

Internet Search
Price Review
Confusion & Doubt "The Hunt"


The Idea: To develop a website where people in Sudan can order from, without the hassle of the ‘hunt’ by selling products that are available in Sudan. Overcoming the boundaries of credit card and online ordering problems, initially through cash on delivery then coming up with creative ways to tackle this issue in the near future.

The Answer : Souqsd.com was developed for that specific reason of developing a solution that can accommodate all these fears and solve the immediate problem of convenience. We believe that by having the right product featured in front of you, along with a suitable price to make a decision on the purchase instantly & easily.

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